Quick Alert: We are starting to load up music. If your musician please sign up. As our library grows we will divide into categories and time slots.

This page will be evolving for awhile. A quick and easy form has been added for your consideration. Just remember that the upload songs can take some time, depending on your setup. If you have upload issues, just fill out, Name and Website. After you submit that, there will be a message on where you can email us your songs and album art.

Quick Music Upload

Quick way to get your music on the station.
  • Blurp about what we are looking for
  • If you don't have a album...use the name of your band or artist name
  • Provide an image no smaller than 200x200px album...don't freak out it can be changed is looking to for local musical talent. Our intent is to promote your band as much as possible, hassle free and at no cost. We want to play the best of what you have to offer, in addition to this we will be also be offer the following:

Notification of new album/song releases
Pre Concert/Album Release Interviews
Links to your website/social media site
Concert Tour Dates

Quick heads up…..we do not support royalty programs at this time, example. SoundExchange, etc….we are looking for real indie artist. We can play your music. At this time we are not supporting these organizations. Sorry No covers either. It must be 100% yours. It’s green thing, and we know you understand. We will sell your stuff. See the band page.

Musician Information

General Information about either yourself or the Band
  • This not required.....provide number if you want to be contacted via telelphone
  • Looking for what best describes you as an artist. We doubt we will ever have drop selection, but ya never know
  • There are few methods which you can choose to get your music to us

    Snail Mail: The first is kinda of old fashion. Its exactly that Snail Mail
  • New Hope Fm
  • PO Box 533
  • New Hope Pa. 18938

  • File Sharing: The second is file sharing service

    File Dropper

    Band FTP: The third method is little bit more direct. We will set up a unique ftp. We will provide you a password and link. This method is not for the impatient. Takes about two days to set up.

    Your Website: The last method is to send us a link to your site and we will upload them.

    Keep in mind, we are looking for three your best songs from any given album. Please do not overload us.
  • 6 to 8 letter please (NUMBERS ARE NOT NECESSARY)

  • Song For Airplay Exchange Play Agreement

    If you still have question, we can be reached at

  • One last thing before you hit that button.

    Thank you!!!!!!
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.